Stromer ST3 Limited Edition, San Marino Blue, Sport Medium


The Stromer ST3 Limited Edition is equipped with:

  • Class 3 SYNO II rear-hub motor
  • BQ814 Wh battery with 120km range
  • Kinekt suspension seatpost
  • OMNI display with over-the-air updates and GPS tracking
  • Regenerative braking


Available in store, while supplies last

Also Available Online, or Via Preorder


With maximum range, extra comfort and smart details , the Stromer ST3 LTD optimizes the commuting qualities of the classic ST3.

With the Kinekt suspension seatpost and exclusive special finish, this elegant and beautiful ST3 LTD adds to the qualities of the classic ST3.

The exclusive San Marino Blue finish combined with black components brings style to your ride.

The class 3 SYNO II motor ensures you’ll reach your destination quickly, with pedal assist up to 28 mph.

The Kinekt suspension seatpost of the ST3 LTD responds to even the smallest bumps, and protects the back.

The ST3 LTD’s OMNI display keeps you informed via the on-board computer or smartphone app – and automatically carries out software updates itself.

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