Cube Bikes

In 1993, Marcus Pruener founded CUBE while assembling bikes in a small corner of his father’s furniture factory in Germany. His passion for mountain biking combined with the rising popularity of the sport throughout Europe propelled CUBE to become a world renowned bike and e-bike brand. Today, CUBE sells bikes and e-bikes in over 60 countries worldwide.

CUBE has become a market leader in several European countries in the middle and premium mountain bike and road bike segments. The brand is available through specialist retailers in 62 countries worldwide. The current product portfolio consists of more than 300 different mountain, urban, road, cross, gravel, and touring bikes, including a full-line of e-Bikes.

CUBE has one goal: Make your riding experience better. That’s why, as a key part of its worldwide portfolio of bike models, CUBE offers over 80 e-Bikes models in every cycling category.

CUBE e-Bikes are 100%  “pedal-assist” e-Bikes, or pedalecs, which means they must be pedaled to activate the motor. When you stop pedaling, the motor stops working. CUBE e-Bikes do not have hand throttles like you might find on scooters or other electric bikes.

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